“Adventure between two worlds”

DINA is a rebellious mermaid who wishes for her 17th birthday to spend a day above the surface. The visit to the fisherman’s village turns her life upside down. Dina meets a young fisherman PETER and falls in love.

The evil witch STORM lures Peter into a trap. Dina decides to rescue Peter from Storm’s Lighthouse Island. During their escape Dina has to face her real past. For her surprise she has human parents, father THOMAS and mother PENELOPE, who have saved her life by making a deal with the king of the Underwater World.

Evil witch looses her temper when Dina destroys her plans to have revenge with the villagers. She raises all her powers for an attack against both the village and the Underwater World. Dina has to unite both worlds to fight for her loved ones.




85 min




Miikko Oikkonen, Sanna Reinumägi


In development