Writers: Sari Luhtanen & Miikko Oikkonen

The fantasy series Nymphs have transcended to the printed world of novels. Since the launch in April 2013 on the London Book Fair the first novel has been licensed to more than ten different territories, including English, French, Russian, Spanish and German speaking territories.

The first novel Nymphs – Legend of Montpellier was released in 2013. The second Nymphs – Astartes Knot hit bookstores in autumn 2014.


Writer: J.M.Ilves

Bordertown books are written by two Finnish professional authors behind the pseudonym J.M.Ilves. The first novel Bordertown – Doll’s House was released 2016 and the second novel Bordertown – The Endgame came out in April 2017. The first two novels have been licensed to Estonia, Germany and Poland. Third book Bordertown – Five Finger Exercise was released in 2018 and the fourth book Bordertown – The Man-Beast came out autumn 2019.


Writers: Miikko Oikkonen & Tiina Raevaara

Medical thriller Replacements (Ihon alla) was published 2016 by Gummerus Publishers.

World rights to the book series sold by: Helsinki Literary Agency, Urpu Strellman, urpu@helsinkiagency.fi, www.helsinkiagency.fi